Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion.

This week in the Office Hours Group we are talking about recycling and sustainable technology businesses . Andrew Terentjev of Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion.

Join us each Friday, all welcome. We meet at Makespace in Cambridge and on-line.

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Cambridge Smart Plastics ( is a nascent R&D business, putting top academics to work in a commercial setting with the aim of bringing cutting edge polymers to market. These new plastics are always based in renewable, recyclable, or sustainable technologies – but deliver superior performance. Their focus in 2022 delivering nanocellulose films as a replacement to metallisation by aluminium, and finding a pilot market for Mesodamp, a new miraculous elastomer based in liquid crystal polymers that has a wide range of sci-fi functionalities: super damping, actuation, reversible adhesion.

Andrew is one of the three co-founders of CSP, and its CEO. His background is in finance and banking having worked across Europe in various roles at Barclays, Santander, and most recently the Daimler Group. He is a Cambridge native returning home to set up the business, his first. He has a passion for learning, his work, and making an impact. He enjoys travel, recreational ice hockey, and meeting new and exciting people.

About the Office Hours Group:

Founded on the principle that all business face similar challenges, therefore business leaders can learn from watching each other solve problems regardless of industry and stage of business, Office Hours is a weekly peer-to-peer session in which businesspeople can get direct and relevant insight into specific challenges facing their business. Each week a member of the group presents a challenge they are facing in their business to other businesspeople who then question, explore and provide feedback.

It all takes under 60 min with time for updates and general questions.

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