Sanome, This week in Office Hours

Sanome are building a human digital twin to detect health changes as early as possible, based on combination biomarkers. To enable this, we have developed a multi-modal biomarker platform for data collection and an AI-tool that identifies combination biomarkers that can be turned into clinically actionable diagnostics. We are now looking to develop selected partnerships […]

Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion.

This week in the Office Hours Group we are talking about recycling and sustainable technology businesses . Andrew Terentjev of Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion. Join us each Friday, all welcome. We meet at Makespace in Cambridge and on-line. You can RSVP here: Cambridge Smart Plastics ( is a nascent R&D […]

Office Hours (11/3/22) Challenge – AR Shopping

This Friday, 11th March, we have a presentation from Muzahid Hussain in Germany who will be presenting his ideas for an augmented reality shopping experience that solve challenges currently posed by show rooming/web rooming and “leverages the future of omni-channel retail”. As always, we will be getting quick updates from members of the group. You […]