Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion.

This week in the Office Hours Group we are talking about recycling and sustainable technology businesses . Andrew Terentjev of Cambridge Smart Plastics will be leading the discussion. Join us each Friday, all welcome. We meet at Makespace in Cambridge and on-line. You can RSVP here: Cambridge Smart Plastics ( is a nascent R&D […]

Office Hours (11/3/22) Challenge – AR Shopping

This Friday, 11th March, we have a presentation from Muzahid Hussain in Germany who will be presenting his ideas for an augmented reality shopping experience that solve challenges currently posed by show rooming/web rooming and “leverages the future of omni-channel retail”. As always, we will be getting quick updates from members of the group. You […]

@Office Hours this week: Market Validation will they buy?

Are you sure a customers will pay for your new innovative product?  The Office Hours Group is discussing market validation at its most relevant this Friday.   All are welcome in our discussions. Please join us to hear the experience of others and contribute your own.  Every company and product is of course different, and yet […]