Will you be alive in 3 years?

Smaller companies have a challenge when dealing with larger established firms. The larger firm may not want to implement your new product or technology if there is a possibility that your company is unable to support the product, or indeed, will disappear the following year.

Our topic in Office Hours this week is how as a smaller company do you establish and manage relationships with much larger and established customers and partners.

Join us each Friday, all welcome. We meet at Makespace in Cambridge (makespace.org) and on-line.

You can RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/makespace/events/287224840/

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Founded on the principle that all business face similar challenges, therefore business leaders can learn from watching each other solve problems regardless of industry and stage of business, Office Hours is a weekly peer-to-peer session in which businesspeople can get direct and relevant insight into specific challenges facing their business. Each week a member of the group presents a challenge they are facing in their business to other businesspeople who then question, explore and provide feedback.

It all takes under 60 min with time for updates and general questions.

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