This week: Impromptu discussions, new members, and an update to cap off positioning

Office Hours @cammakespace today was a bit of a mixed bag we had several new people joining us from the biotech and Ed-tech sector.  We also started off the hour with an impromptu discussion of organisational dynamics.  Based on a situation one of the members is currently in we explored briefly how the mindset of individuals who are part of an organisation can affect how those individuals interact with other groups even when not acting as the member of the organisation.  It seems it is hard to shift mindsets and expectations.

The middle part of the hour was taken up with introductions and specifically a summary of an Ed-tech company who we hope to hear more from in coming weeks.  They are in the middle of a funding round. The Office Hours Group has decided to hear their challenge and provide some feedback in our normal challenge format; very much looking forward to that.   This past year has been one of apparently very strong growth for the company and it is an interesting sector these days.  Given the move to online education the management of content and students’ progress is even more challenging than in traditional classrooms.  In the short discussion we had today there was already some good questions and ideas put forward.

We ended the hour by revisiting the positioning discussions that have occupied us for a few weeks it was nice to see the very detailed analysis and had been done by one of our members come all the way to fruition in the form of some well thought through and focused marketing documentation.   It is easy to forget how much work can go into elegant communications.