@Office Hours this week: Market Validation will they buy?

Are you sure a customers will pay for your new innovative product?  The Office Hours Group is discussing market validation at its most relevant this Friday.   All are welcome in our discussions. Please join us to hear the experience of others and contribute your own.  Every company and product is of course different, and yet the same.

Demonstrating that a customers will buy is, our should be, key in many aspects of product development.  Confirming the basic value proposition is the first goal.  Nonetheless there is a great deal to learn about how customers view that proposition for example is it a stand-alone product, or does it need to be part of a package of other functionality? Are there specific times of year that people will buy?  A new turkey baster is an easier sale in November than in May…  

How you gather information is also important.  Ask a customer if they like a new widget and they might say “yes”, if only to be polite.  Ask them to prepare a proposal to their boss for a new budget item is another story. 

If you want to hear how others have addressed these problems and used the results to improve their product, cash flow and business valuation, then do join us in Office Hours.

You can RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/lrfddsyccpbjc/

About the Office Hours Group: www.officehoursgroup.net

Founded on the principle that all business face similar challenges, therefore business leaders can learn from watching each other solve problems regardless of industry and stage of business, Office Hours is a weekly peer-to-peer session in which businesspeople can get direct and relevant insight into specific challenges facing their business.  Each week a member of the group presents a challenge they are facing in their business to other businesspeople who then question, explore and provide feedback.

It all takes under 60 min with time for updates and general questions.